Celestial Nights, autographed book (out-of-print) - Neil Folberg

Neil Folberg

Celestial Nights, autographed book (out-of-print), 2001

First edition book
This exquisite publication comes from the Aperture book and exhibition Celestial Nights: Visions of An Ancient Land (2001). The world depicted here is composed of a delicately constructed order where earthly elements and the heavens mirror each other. Folberg sets an ancient land resonant with meaning against the awesome and eternal spectacle of the night sky. Folberg's night landscapes carry an aura that is both earthly and divine, emphasizing the singular and poignant presence of objects against the backdrop of the infinite. His photographs describe places where the spiritual is at once near, imprinted in the forms of the arid landscapes, and far away in the dark, starlit recesses of space.