Works from Sinai, Israel, USA and Mars.

From Sinai to Mars: Desert wilderness


26 Oct 2021 – 06 Jan 2022

Neil Folberg is obsessed with the spare desert landscape: obscure places whose features often have no name. Quoting Craig Childs, these places are the “soul of nowhere”. “White Winds” are images where pure light and the horizon line are the defining presence. Included also are "new" works from the Sinai desert from the 1980’s. Ironically, it is now simpler to reach the most distant deserts in the solar system. Utilizing Mars Global Surveyor, Folberg began a series of images called “Desert Planet”, with altered images from Mars. Water once flowed there: the flow of water and wind forms all desert landscapes. We hope that we are not witnessing the fate of our own blue Earth.