Online Exhibition

Aug 26 2021 - Oct 28 2021

The horizon is where earth & sky meet. The horizon beckons in these vast desert vistas from Israel, the American Southwest and snowy views from Iceland. The images are from the middle of nowhere, a vast expanse where light itself defines the land and gives it form and color The horizon line is also...

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From Sinai to Mars: Desert wilderness

Large format photographs. Photographs from 1979 to 2021. A preview of our upcoming exhibition in conjunction with the Manofim Jerusalem Arts Festival, Fall 2021. Large format works from Sinai, Israel, Southwestern USA and Mars

Oct 26 2021 - Jan 06 2022

For many years now, Neil Folberg has been obsessed with the bright, barren and spare landscapes of the deserts: obscure, distant places whose undistinguished features often have no name. To borrow a phrase from Craig Childs, these places are the “soul of nowhere”. His recent series “White Win...

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