B&W Vision


22 Jan 2023 – 31 Mar 2023

Exquisite B&W works by Paul Caponigro, Neil Folberg, William Garnett, Marc Riboud & a rare set of ten platinum prints from the portfolio "Gift of the Commonplace" by Ruth Bernhard. These artists were all represented by Vision Gallery in San Francisco in the 1990's.

Neil Folberg writes: “My mentor and teacher, Ansel Adams, introduced me to William Garnett in 1969. Bill Garnett's most iconic images were exquisitely crafted, elegantly seen aerial views of the abstracted American landscape as seen from the pilot’s seat of his small silver Cessna. Today we have become used to seeing these aerial images – from airplanes, satellites and drones. But it was Bill Garnett who pioneered this viewpoint.

“I met Ruth Bernhard when I was invited to attend one of the evening sessions at her home in San Francisco. Later, I introduced my father, Joe Folberg, founder of Vision Gallery to Ruth and together they published two portfolios of Ruth’s work, the second of which was the “Gift of the Commonplace”. Ruth said, "I’m most interested in—the little things that nobody observes, that nobody thinks are of any value"

“If Ruth Bernhard’s work focused often on the commonplace objects of life, Marc Riboud’s work created poetry-in-light out of everyday scenes and events. William Garnett photographed the elegance of surface, but Paul Caponigro’s work expresses the profound depth of human vision and soul. His images are rich, deep filled with wonder and mystery. It is no surprise that Paul, like Ansel, expressed himself masterfully both in music and photography. For his solo show at Vision Gallery in San Francisco, my father brought in a grand piano so that Paul could play among the photographs. These images were the inspiration of much of my own B&W imagery, particularly the Celestial Nights series. From my own work, I have chosen to exhibit several of the images from my Aperture book and exhibition alongside two images made in China where Celestial Nights was printed. I was on press in China, supervising the printing. After the book was printed I went hiking with my son along the Simatai Great Wall in the mountains. There I photographed the wall climbing the crests of the mountains as an approaching rainstorm threatened to engulf us.”

About Celestial Nights:
Celestial Nights: Visions of An Ancient Land (Aperture Press, 2001).
The world depicted here is composed of a delicately constructed order where earthly elements and the heavens mirror each other. Folberg sets an ancient land resonant with meaning—as it is the cradle to three major world religions— against the awesome and eternal spectacle of the night sky. Folberg's night landscapes carry an aura that is both earthly and divine, emphasizing the singular and poignant presence of objects against the backdrop of the infinite. His photographs describe places where the spiritual is at once near, imprinted in the forms of the arid landscapes, and far away in the dark, starlit recesses of space.